Pet Door Installation

If you have a fenced-in yard, a pet door can be a convenient amenity for your pet. It allows your four-legged friend to go in and out of the house as needed without getting you involved.

This can be especially helpful if you are gone for extended periods during the day.

Getting a pet door may sound like a great solution, but before you buy one, there are some things you may want to consider.

Russel Glazing
Russel Glazing

Benefits of a Pet Door

  • Various size options available
  • Includes a weather seal to keep out the elements and prevent draughts
  • Quiet operation
  • Self-closing
  • Durable and strong
  • No external screws

Important Pet Door Considerations

Deciding to have a pet door installed into your glass, whether it be installed in a sliding door or a window, it involves a few steps. Pet Door installation requires that a new piece of glass is ordered with the correct size hole cut prior to it being toughened. Only then can a pet door be installed into the opening by a professional glazier.

Russel Glazing
Russel Glazing

Choosing a Pet Door

Russel Glazing can advise you on the best pet door to install to meet your specific needs. We usually recommend a simple Transcat brand pet door is which is clear and slim-line which looks great once installed and suits most styles of home. It can also be secured and locked so that you can still keep your animal inside at the times you wish. It is not the most expensive and it provides great design and functionality at a reasonable cost.

We can also install any pet door that you may have already purchased.


Cat doors are the most common pet door to install and are a must for cat owners. We are experts in installing cat doors and will supply and fit cat doors in our toughened safety glass panels. These can be installed into glass doors, windows or any other panel of glass around the house. It’s important to pick an area that will be easily accessed by your cat


We have several different sized dog doors availble to fit many different breeds, from large to small. It’s important to choose the right size door and also choose a glass pane in your house that gives suitable clearance around the dog door to ensure it remains strong. As we use toughened glass with the installed dog door this is much stronger and safer.

Russel Glazing

Pet Door Installation

  1. Select pet door designed for installation in glass. Choosing a pet door specifically design for glass with the ability to maintain it for the life of your pet will minimize replacement costs and save you in energy efficiency.
  2. Russel Glazing will consult with you about where to cut the hole, we will discuss factors such as the height of the pet’s legs and whether or not they are fully grown. The pet should also be able to go through the pet door without having to jump up or crouch down.
  3. Russel Glazing will measure your existing glass so that the newly ordered unit (with hole portion) will fit correctly into your sliding glass door frame.
  4. We will install the newly ordered glass and pet door once the newly ordered glass arrives...this ordering process can take 7 -10 days depending on your location.

Safety & Security

When it comes to pets, safety and security are extremely important

Russel Glazing only supply's and installs pet doors that are fully compliant with the Australian Standards and can only be installed into toughened safety glass.

Russel Glazing can integrate a pet door that provides full convenience without compromising the look and feel of your home. A pet door can be installed into a sliding glass door, hinged glass door, laundry or kitchen window, or other low-level glass panels around your home.

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